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About the Tuskegee Lee Baptist Association
The Tuskegee Lee Baptist Association is 39 Southern Baptist churches voluntarily working to mutually encourage each other and to share a local missions program in Lee, Macon and Tallapoosa counties.
What Is The Purpose Of The Association?

The purpose of the association is to serve or assist the churches, foster fellowship, help them to be more effective in attaining their purposes and help meet missions needs in our area by providing opportunities for direct mission involvement on the part of our people.

What Can The Association Do For Me And My Church?

The associational program is designed to serve the 39 member churches by promoting Church Program Development.   These include Sunday School, Discipleship, Woman's Missionary Union, Men's Ministry, On Mission Team and Music.

The Sunday School provides leadership training through Sunday School conferences and other special training events such as Vacation Bible School clinics.

The associational Discipleship has various events including Bible Drills and Speakers Tournaments, a Discipleship Rally, and other special training events; A Senior Adult Celebration is held each year.

The Woman's Missionary Union has a full slate of training and missions events for Women on Mission, Acteens or Youth on Mission, Girls in Action or Children in Action and Mission Friends.  These include the Annual WMU Meeting, Annual Leadership Training Conferences and prayer retreats.  They give leadership to mission studies on North American Missions and International Missions, and in promoting the offerings for both mission boards.

The Men's Ministry of the association engages in emphases supporting the work of Baptist Men, Challengers, Lad and Crusader Royal Ambassadors.  These include an annual RA Conference with breakfast and a pine car race, and a basketball league.  The men and boys are involved in helping to build churches, sponsor mission trips both inside and outside the association, and at times trips outside the United States. They have a Disaster Relief Team and a Disaster Relief Van for clean-up after a tragedy.

The churches of the association participate in the district choir worship fests and Senior Adult choir festivals each year.
The association also gives leadership to youth meetings which provide a forum for speakers and special interest programs that address the needs and concerns of youth.

The association provides video training tapes.   Churches may use these tapes to teach, inspire, and train their members.  Many of the tapes are produced by Southern Baptist Agencies and are designed to help churches witness, minister, teach, disciple and grow. Power point/video projectors are available for churches to use.

The association can also provide information about Southern Baptist Convention and Alabama Baptist Convention resources, coordinate starting of new missions, assist churches in locating new staff, provide names of supply preachers when needed, encourage, continuing fellowship with Baptists in our area, provide teachers for missions studies, counsel, encourage and help as requested.
Baptist Campus Ministries: Does My Church Help Support It?
Students find a Christian witness on the Auburn University campus and Southern Union Community College through the Baptist Campus Ministries. Missions involvement is emphasized through Bible study, worship, special projects and student summer missions.

Our Association gives 26% of our annual budget for the support of this work. Churches who support the work of the association also support the work of the Baptist Campus Ministries.
Who Governs The Work Of The Association?
The association meets in annual and biannual sessions made up of messengers from each church.  Between the sessions the Executive Committee composed of the pastor and one other member from each church, oversees the work of the association.   Elected committee members, program leaders and employed staff carry out the day by day operation.
Who Pays For The Work Of The Association?

The work is financed primarily by VOLUNTARY CONTRIBUTIONS from the member churches.  As the ministry grows, so does the need for additional financial support.  The association missions gifts are separate from Cooperative Program gifts.
Is My Church Part Of The Association?

If your church has ever voted to be a member and was accepted then yes, your church is a part.  How big a part is determined by the degree of involvement and participation and the amount of financial support.
Where Is The Association?

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